Heart Failure Explorer

Personalized heart failure therapy

Heart Failure Explorer is an AI-based test which supports individual therapy of heart failure. The test provides a risk prediction and therapy proposal which optimizes treatment effect.

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Chronic diseases are increasing

Heart Failure is one of the most prominent chronic diseases, affecting 2% of the population and expected to increase to 3% by 2025. Up to 50% patients treated according to the guidelines deteriorate. Co-morbidities and adverse effects on multiple drugs, result in a complexity which so far have not been mastered.

Therefore a new approach, overcoming the limitations of the current guidelines is sought. Biomarkers are an expression of effects on system level. Our proprietary AI Platform uses these markers to derive AI models which allow to optimize the therapy, leading to a significant reduction of hospitalization and death rate.

Current treatments are not effective enough


of cases show patients worsening when treated according to current guidelines.

The solution

A more effective test supporting individual therapy

In an EU Interreg project, co-founded by Swiss government and the Canton of Zurich we develop together with innovative European clinics, associations and other companies a fundamental new therapy for heart failure. Exploris contributes with its Heart Failure Explorer to the PASSION project.

Heart Failure Explorer is a new AI-based test that provides a risk prediction with personalized drug dosage proposals, allowing cardiologists to optimize their patients' therapies, leading to a significant reduction of hospitalization and death, and enabling new possibilities in e-health services.

The EU PASSION project will provide a platform consisting of optimization of guidelines by AI supported therapy, a nurse avatar allowing for patient self-treatment, serious gaming for increased patient compliance and telemedicine support.

Why Heart Failure Explorer is great

Reduced hospitalization and death

Personalized therapy enabled by Heart Failure Explorer reduces hospitalizations and deaths up to 50%. Patients can have lower residence costs and improved quality of life with an appropriate therapy.

Part of PASSION project

Heart Failure Explorer has been developed with four major European clinics. Together we are developing a new AI-supported e-health platform.

Supported by government

The Interreg PASSION project which Exploris is part of is funded by the EU, Swiss government and Canton of Zurich.

Better than previous therapies

If patients do not satisfyingly respond to the standard therapy so far, the dosage had been altered by trial and error, leading often to serious complications. Heart Failure Explorer predicts optimal dosage on patient individual conditions, improving the therapy and health state.

Prediction of health state

Our groundbreaking AI platform allows for early detection of change in health state based on patient data and allows to adapt therapy timely.

Patient individual dosage of major drugs

Dosage for ACE-inhibitor, b-blocker, eperelone, loop-duiretic are proposed by Heart Failure Explorer considering co-morbidities and adverse effects.


Indication for demand for alternative Heart Failure Explorer approach


Paradigm shift in Heart Failure therapy


Clinical study successfully completed, Publication by BASEL Cohort


Nearly half of the heart attacks may be silent. Cardio Explorer provides higher chances for early detection in absence of typical symptoms.


LURIC Cohort Clinical study successfully completed

Trusted by small and large organizations

Partners and approvals

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